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Giancarlo Rizzoli represents the portfolio company 4D Lifetec as CEO at the SACHS ASSOCIATES 5th Annual European HealthTech CEO Forum

We are delighted to announce that our portfolio company, 4D Lifetec, was a standout participant at the SACHS ASSOCIATES 5th Annual European HealthTech CEO Forum for Partnering and Investment held on February 27, 2024. 4D Lifetec’s CEO, Dr. Giancarlo Rizzoli, represented the company as a distinguished panelist on the captivating topic, "New Frontiers in Personalized Medicine with AI Powered Diagnostics."
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Anfass Life Technologies in the spotlight: Dr. Giancarlo Rizzoli presents the groundbreaking innovations of 4D Lifetec, a portfolio company, in the Solothurner Zeitung newspaper

Experience the future of cancer diagnostics through anfass Life Technologies AG, where 4D Lifetec, a prominent portfolio company, is leading the charge. In a recent in the local newspaper Solothurner Zeitung, Dr. Giancarlo Rizzoli, CEO of 4D Lifetec, sheds light on the groundbreaking strides made by the company.
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4D Lifetec secures CHF 23.3 Mio in a share and investment deal with Xlife Sciences opening new horizons in using AI and digital health in early cancer detection.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that our portfolio company, 4D Lifetec AG, has achieved a groundbreaking success. In close partnership with Xlife Sciences AG, 4D Lifetec not only receives a valuable financial investment of CHF 23.3 million, but also advanced AI technology. This innovation will pave the way for revolutionary early cancer detection and expansion of presence in the US. Read more about this milestone in the latest Genomweb post.
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Halder acquires majority stake in CPM Group

Halder has acquired a majority stake in the family-run CPM Group. In doing so, the company is taking over a high-performance management team that has already been working together successfully in its composition for years. anfass Life Technologies has already been working with the Frankfurt-based financial investor Halder on various projects since 2020 and has provided a member of the CPM Group's advisory board since September 2022.
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