Since his election to the board of directors of Nanosurf AG in June 2021, as well as as part of a preceding strategic mandate, Giancarlo Rizzoli has successfully contributed his experience and expertise as a non-invested board member to the succession solution for the company.

Nanosurf AG, a leading provider of atomic force microscopes and scanning probe microscopes, sought Dr. Rizzoli's expertise to navigate the complexity of a company sale as a board member in the best interest of the company, shareholders, and employees.

Thanks in part to Dr. Rizzoli's negotiation skills, a fair and attractive deal was successfully concluded for all parties involved. Giancarlo Rizzoli expressed satisfaction with the outcome and emphasized the importance of strategic partnerships for business success: "I am delighted to have accompanied Nanosurf AG on its path to success. This is another good example of how strategic partnerships can help companies achieve their goals and create value for their stakeholders."

In 1997, Nanosurf redefined user-friendliness in scanning probe microscopy by reducing the size of an STM from room-sized to coffee table-sized. Since then, the Switzerland-based company has become one of the leading innovators in the atomic force microscopy market. It continuously offers advanced instrument platforms for biotechnological applications and materials research, as well as customized industrial solutions used in production lines with highly demanding accuracy requirements.

Even after the change of ownership, Nanosurf will continue to focus its development efforts on new measurement techniques and technologies that make AFM a simpler, faster, and more reliable tool in research and industrial metrology. Likewise, AFM technology is expected to be used in an increasing number of application areas by designing instruments and software that are intuitive and user-friendly.