steffen faisst

As a biologist and passionate photographer, Steffen Faisst has spent decades trying to document the art that nature produces. In his early works, he primarily focused on macro photography of native plants and insects.

When he moved to Denmark for professional reasons, Steffen Faisst came to regard water as a fascinating motif. Water does not have its own shape or colour, yet it can take on an infinite variety of colours and forms depending on the physical forces acting on it and its interaction with light. 

His close-ups of small waves and splashes that are often imperceptible to the human eye yield images that highlight and display the sculptural and graphical properties of water. Hence his images are a cross between documentary photographic art and abstract painting.

 A selection of his works is temporarily on display in the office spaces of anfass Life Technologies AG. If you are interested in visiting, feel free to contact us.


His works have already received multiple awards and have been displayed at various exhibitions worldwide:


Exhibitions 2015/2016:

4th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography, Berlin, Germany; Art Nordic Exhibitions, Kopenhagen, Debmark; ArtExpo 2016, New York, NY, USA; 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA; Wohnen & Interieur, Vienna, Austria; Gallery NK, Washington DC, USA; Spectrum Miami Art Basel, Miami, FL, USA, Galerie Marzia Frozen, Berlin, Germany; A Smith Gallery for Photographic Arts, Johnson City, TX, USA; Chianciano Biennale, Museo d'Arte di Chianciano, Tuscany, Italy; PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary; ArtExpo 2015, New York, NY, USA


Awards 2015:

Finalist and second runner up, 8th Pollux Awards, in the category FINE ART, juried by LAURA NOBLE (LONDON) and FRANK MEO (NY); Silver Award in the category "REVEALING NATURE", 9th Better Photography Magazine "Photograph of the Year Competition 2015"; Leonardo Award for Photographic Arts, Chianciano Biennale 2015; Best in Competition in the contest "The Four Elements" by Exhibitions Without Walls (Jurors: Eric Hatch, Shyam Kannapurakkaran, and Becky Nahafi); Finalist "35th Annual Spring Photography Contest", Photographer's Forum magazine.