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In his function as ad-interim CEO, Giancarlo Rizzoli has managed to define a new strategy and organizational structure for the two companies DR MEDICAL AG and Da Rold Engineering AG within a very short time.  Thanks to his broad experience, his consistent focus, his cost awareness and his motivational power, the goal of securing the continued existence of both companies was successfully reached by achieving the turnaround and the subsequent sale to a strategic partner. We would like to thank Giancarlo Rizzoli for his extraordinary commitment and congratulate him on the results he has achieved.

Marcel Roth, Chairman of the board of Directors, Roth Holding AG for Dr. Giancarlo Rizzoli

Jacqueline Felber has been responsible for the project management of our new company website. A very ambitious schedule and a large number of stakeholders have contributed significantly to the complexity of the project. She managed these challenges confidently and created a new, modern website for Cendres+Métaux. Competence and professionalism characterise Jacqueline Felber. We would like to express our warm thanks for the good cooperation.

Barbara Hauert, Head of Communication and Events, Cendres+Métaux SA

Arne Faisst accompanies me and my successful company specialized in IT for over a decade as Chairman of the Board of Directors. With his experience, his extensive management know-how and his outside perspective, he gives many important impulses to the company and supports me in important management decisions. If required, anfass Life Technologies AG can provide us with various competent services in the areas of strategy, marketing and finance. As entrepreneur and CEO, I greatly appreciate Arne Faisst for his constructive exchange and his always professional and objective support.

Damian Moser, CEO & Owner, ag


We transfer our expertise and network to start-ups as well as to small and medium-sized companies that are active worldwide. To date, we have successfully completed numerous mandates in various industries, mainly in biotech, diagnostics and medical device industries. Here you will find a selection of our daily work.

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