Marco Zingg, Chairman of the board of directors 2014-2019 for Arne Faisst

"Arne Faisst was selected for the board of directors in 2014 based on his long experience and track record in the medical device industry. The company and its subsidiaries were at the time of his selection in a critical economical and regulatory situation in general. Mr. Faisst provided the new board within short notice with an in depth analysis of the situation and a proposal for a new strategic plan for the medical device business. In 2015 the board approved the strategic plan and asked Mr. Faisst to assist in the operational management with the implementation. With his in depth know how, his high degree of effectiveness and social competences he managed to rapidly create a new organizational structure. During his activities for the group, Mr. Faisst managed the turnaround, increased the turnover of his division substantially and achieved a major improvement in the operational results. By recruiting specialized experts out of his personal network, he managed to put in place a management team with the goal to insure stability and his succession in the operational activities. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Arne Faisst for his great contribution to the development or our group. I highly appreciate his loyalty, his openness and friendship. I can only recommend him to anyone searching for a competent and effective consultant or manager in his professional field."